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As an emerging artist, I have been been painting for six years. A sellout exhibition in 2008 at Pataka, a local gallery and museum, encouraged me to pursue a full time career in art. Although largely self taught, I have studied under acclaimed New Zealand artist Jane Kellahan and art tutor Ian Hulston.

I have explored a variety of media and techniques over the years and found great pleasure in them all. My current work is all about the places we know and frequent. Cafes, beaches, shops and restaurants are favoured subject matter. Using mixed media including collage, acrylic paint and ink, it is my desire that the final result will inspire the viewer both with a sense of familiarity and expression.


2015 New Zealand Art Show (Single Wall Artist), Wellington June 2015
2014 New Zealand Art Show, Wellington, August 2014
2014 ARTrove Exhibition, Wellington, September 2014
2013 ARTrove Exhibition, Wellington, 5th-11th September
2013 New Zealand Art Show, Wellington, 26th-28th July
2012 New Zealand Art Show (Solo Panel), Wellington 3-5 August
2012 Original Art Sale, Auckland
2011 New Zealand Art Show, Wellington 29-31st July
2011 Original Art Sale, Auckland
2010 Pinehaven Art and Craft Exhibition
2010 Original Art Sale, Auckland
2010 New Zealand Art Show, Wellington
2010 Manawatu Art Sale
2009 New Zealand Affordable Art Show, Wellington
2009 Ohariu Valley group exhibition
2009 Big Day Art, Porirua, group exhibition
2009 Manawatu Art Sale
2008 Bottle Creek Gallery, Pataka Group Exhibition
2008 Big Day Art, Porirua,
2008 New Zealand Affordable Art Show, Wellington


‘Winner of People’s Choice Award for Artel Gallery’s ‘One Square Meal’ exhibition 2012

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